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​Goblin Slayer Cosplay Foam Helmet

​Goblin Slayer Cosplay Foam Helmet

Posted by Stefano (Stealth) on 2019 Feb 24th

Apparently this Anime/Manga is all the rage and I must be living under a rock.
I saw this Goblin Slayer design which was sent to me by someone.
They suggested I try building the helmet. I looked at the helmet design and I thought...OMG! SOO Cool!
(Ok...I wasn't that excited) BUT...I did think that it would be fun to build in EVA foam.
I watched a couple of clips to get an idea of what the show was about and then I went on and created a Foam Pepakura Helmet file and got on my way to building it on Twitch. (
I'm very pleased with how it turned out for just building it in a condo.

Youtube Video on the paint up can be seen here:

Materials List to build your own Helmet:
Goblin Slayer Foam Cosplay Helmet Pepakura File:

Pepakura Video Tutorial Series:
Included FREE with Pepakura Foam File Purchase

EVA Foam Various Thicknesses:

Craft Foam Various colours:

Hobby Knife: (I prefer these types of knives to build with foam)

Hobby Knife Blades:

Knife Sharpener:

Self Healing Cutting Mat:

Heat Gun:

Contact Cement (Barge)

Contact Cement (Welwood)

Contact Cement Thinner:

Condiment Bottle (To put contact cement in)

Wood Burning Tool (To etch detail lines and do battle damage)

Metal Ruler (To mark straight lines and also guide Wood burner)

Kwik Seal: (To fill seams on foam part)

"Tacky Glue" (To seal foam before paint)

25 Pack of Various Paint Brushes:

Sargent Arts Paints - Primary, metallics and more!

Various Weathering Paints and Washes:

Black Mesh Bag

Red T-Shirt

If I missed anything, Please check out my supply shop:
Useful Links:

Cosplay Building Supplies:

**Helpful YouTube Foam Building Tip Videos:**

Merging Foam Templates Tutorial:

Adding Line Detail on Foam Costume parts:

Reduce Seams for Rounded Foam Costume Parts:

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