Mandalorian Cosplay Part 4 - Beskar Armor Complete!

Today I get to paint the entire Mandalorian Beskar Foam Armor Cosplay. I also do some weathering effects and add some lights to the forearms. I'm so happy how the cosplay turned out, considering is mostly eva foam. All links are below. Enjoy the video. - Stealth

Mandalorian Beskar Armor Cosplay Pepakura File Templates:
Mandalorian Helmet Foam Pepakura File Only can be found here:

Sargent Arts Silver Metallic Acrylic Paint I used:
Brown Coveralls -
Star Wars Related Belts -
Pre-wired LED's -
Gesso -
Masking Liquid -
Acrylic Paints -
Lip Balm Tubes -
Fingerless Gloves -
Yellow Gloves -
Floor wax -

Other Cosplay Supplies I use like foam, contact cement, paints etc can be found here:

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