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Transformers - Optimus Prime Foam Cosplay Helmet

Transformers - Optimus Prime Foam Cosplay Helmet

Posted by Stefano (Stealth) on 2018 Dec 2nd

This is a recent project I took on. I did this as a refresher to foam building. I hadn't built anything in so long. 
On top of that, I wanted to try a paint job I've never tried before either. A cel shading animation style paint job. 
It turned out alright and I'm pleased with the end result. 

The Pepakura Foam Template file is here:

The Helmet Build Vlog is located there as well. 
All Pepakura files now include a FREE copy of my Costume building Video Tutorial series. 
Which teaches you how to use Pepakura Designer to build things like this 

You can view the Optimus Prime Helmet being built and painted here: