Doom Eternal Slayer Cosplay Helmet Tutorial

In today's video, Stealth builds the Doom Slayer's Helmet from Doom Eternal. The direct sequel to Doom (2016) The Doom Slayer's Praetor suit saw a full overhaul of its armor design. Stealth really liked the armor a lot. So much that he 3D modeled the armor and converted the models into Foam Pepakura File Templates.

The Doom Eternal Slayer Full Cosplay Foam Pepakura File Templates can be purchased here: The Doom Eternal Slayer

Helmet Foam Pepakura File Templates Can be purchased here: Videos mentioned for added Tips and

Techniques can be found here: Reduce Seams For Rounded Parts: Merging Templates: Red Hood Helmet Tutorial: Iron Man Helmet Tutorial (Extra foam techniques)

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