Please Read:

 Is Pepakura Software included with each purchase? 

We sell foam Pepakura file templates only.
We are not affiliated with Tamasoft, the creators of “Pepakura Designer” and “Pepakura Viewer.” We only guide you on where to download the software needed.
The Pepakura designer software is free to use. 
You can open, edit and print and build from the  .pdo files. You simply cannot save any changes.

You will need to purchase and product key if you’d line to use the save function. 
This is explained in the “Using Pepakura to build foam Cosplay” video tutorial found on every product listing. It explains this early on. 

I can't find my files. I haven't gotten an email. Where could they be?
Pepakura template files are a digital download. The download links are found after payment in the receipt. Please check the email you used to check out. If you cannot see the receipt, please check your junk mail folder.

I've never done this before. How do I use these files? 
When purchasing pepakura files, please note that you need prior knowledge on how to use these files in regards to costume building.
Every product listing has the in-depth “Using Pepakura for Foam Cosplay” Tutorial Video embedded into them. 
Watch the video and go from there.
You then apply those techniques learned to any foam pepakura file template you're using. 
We unfortunately don't have the time to answer these kinds of questions directly. 
So please do not use the Contact form for these kinds of help requests. 

You can join https://www.facebook.com/groups/Cosplay1
It's Heroes Workshop's official builder's Facebook group. You can join it and ask questions with experienced builders who will be happy to help you. 

I can't download the files anymore. Can I have a new link? 
You have a limit of 3 downloads per purchase. 
Do not share download links, as we will know and you will be flagged in the system. 
Do not ask for new links. 
We do this as we have a bandwidth limit every month that we pay a service for to store files for downloads.
It's up to you to download the files and know where they're going on your computer. 
We can see if you have or haven't downloaded them it and if you're having real issues, we will assist you promptly on a issue. 

Can I use Pepakura Designer and Pepakura File with my Mac? 
Note: The pepakura designer software and digital pepakura file template products found this website are for PC use only.

Can you help me with the files? Can you help me scale the files to my body? 
Unfortunately, pepakura templates files do not come with 24/7 specific "How-to" type consulting support aside from the Pepakura Foam tutorials we have included.  We can only help if there are missing files are such. They are a virtual reference and any other troubleshooting should be done by you as a builder.  Please do not use the Contact form for these kinds of help requests.

Can I have the file I bought sent to me in PDF?
No. You’ve purchased a Pepakura file in .PDO format. It’s up to you to read the product description closely. 
Note that the template products are designed and made to work with pepakura designer software. That software is for PC ONLY.

I bought the files and I don’t have a PC. I didn’t read the product listing at all.
I missed where it said for use with “PC Only” or where it also said to “Do not download files with your phone.” 
Can I have a refund? 

No. The product listing states all the required information. It’s up to the buyer to take a moment to read everything. We can’t prove who’s just saying things like this to get free files out of it. For this reason, there are no refunds on digital products. 

The file I bought doesn't have a specific tutorial for it. Can you do one?
At times,the pepakura file product listing will be an accompanied by a YouTube video. Sometimes there won't be. 
Every product listing does include the “Using Pepakura to build Foam Cosplay” video tutorial on them. 
Most tutorials found on our youtube channel are not in depth on how to assemble. 
They are more of a personal project video that shows how to go about painting it and what it can look like in the end. It's so that you can get an idea that it's possible to build.
You still need prior knowledge on how to use these files in regards to costume building.
Please don't take the YouTube videos as a full complete guide at it's impossible  at the moment to cover all product files in that full tutorial format due to time.

What are the Video tutorials included with each file purchase? 
All Pepakura file product listings includes the “Using Pepakura to build Foam Cosplay” video tutorial embedded into them. It teaches how to use the Pepakura Foam files with eva foam.

You are to refer to that on how to apply  those techniques to any template to your own project and material of choice.
It's a basic guide on how to get started and not a specific tutorial for that pepakura file you've purchased. 

I don't like this hobby. I'm not good at it.
Can I have a refund?

Practice makes Perfect. We all started somewhere and we weren't all good when we started. That being said, there are no refunds on digital downloads. 

When will you ship my Clearance item?
At times, we list costume and prop items for sale in the "Clearance items" section of our website.
​those items can take take 1-2 weeks to ship out from date of payment unless notified due to a possible material delay or other technicality.

Most items ship for free worldwide unless specified.
​you can upgrade to a faster expedited service by notifying us by email and paying the extra cost.
Shipping cost can only be refunded within 48 hours of purchase. As per the policy from the shipping service.
A returned item is subject to a 20% restocking fee.
Please be aware of your country's tax rates when importing goods.
When you purchase an item, you are agreeing to these terms.
Thank you for your business.

Anyone following the video content found on this website, must do so at their own risk. If you are underage, please ask your parents for permission before beginning or to assist you in following the content shown on this website. Heroes Workshop is not responsible for any harm or injury that may occur.

-Heroes workshop