I was looking for a cool project to be my next cosplay venture. With the iron man mark 3 completion taking a lot of the creative wind out of me, it took some time to gain momentum again for another armor project. I played doom 2016 and I loved it and doom eternal was getting close to its release. The more I watched videos about the game, the more hyped I got on the idea of actually making the new praetor armor from the game.

The have changed the look significantly from the 2016 version. I wasn't crazy about the the original armor.
It was badass but nothing about it made me want to make it. It was too covered up like master chief, which wasn't reminiscent of the "Doom guy" I remember from back in the day. When I saw the revamp of it for doom eternal, I was immediately drawn to it.

​it looked like it was forged in pure testosterone. They even decided to take a page from predator and give him an arm blade and shoulder weapon. I really dig the exposed arms and there is a lot of inspiration from the original doom guy even in it if you look close with an open mind.

DOOM 2016 suit and the DOOM ETERNAL suit:


Now that I had the inspiration, I decided to embark on the planning process on making this cosplay armor suit. The goal was to make it out of eva foam. I didn't expect there to be any pepakura files on this armor yet as there wasn't much buzz on this game in the mainstream as of yet. Mostly die hard doom fans were pulling their weight online to get the hype going. I did look for some files but to no avail, there weren't any to be found.

​I was going to just build the suit using free hand templates from scratch the old fashioned way, which I have done in the past with some projects but I would've felt pretty lousy sharing progress on the armor and then have people asking "Any templates for this??" with no templates to be found. The way I free hand costumes can get pretty messy with trial and error. There would have been no realistic way to scan and upload this project in its entirety.
Knowing this fact, I had decided that I needed to create the templates myself by 3d modelling them then converting them into foam pepakura files.

​so that's what I did. I downloaded blender then watched some youtube tutorials on the basic hotkeys and I got on my way.
I found blender very user friendly versus other software I had used in the past. I've used 3ds max for a long time to create pepakura files from game rip models and modify then but never modeled an entire armor in that software. Blender made me more confident to do it.

I purchased a mcfarlane toys doom - doom slayer action figure from amazon to use as a references.
I put it in hot water and took it all apart to take some nice reference pictures and got on my way to modelling the entire suit.


 I've completed the entire armor suit. It's all done. Now I'll convert the models into foam pepakura file templates and they will be available on this website in the shop and then I'll begin to finally build the suit itself.

**PLEASE READ ** If you're new to Pepakura and Foam building, please follow this link and learn how to get started with Pepakura Designer and Foam Pepakura Files templates for building cosplay. Also remember to use the links to purchase any supplies you may need:

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