The Mandalorian Helmet Tutorial - FREE TEMPLATE

I'm back and I'm building Beskar Armor from The Mandalorian. It'll be made entirely out of foam. In this video I build the helmet and test out some paint on it. It wont be 100% show accurate but it's coming along pretty well. Enjoy - Stealth

FREE TEMPLATE: Mandalorian Helmet Foam Pepakura File Templates

If you want to build the whole armor along with me: 
Mandalorian Beskar Armor Cosplay Pepakura File Templates:

If you're new to Foam building, you'll need to follow this link to learn how to use the Pepakura File Foam Templates:

Sargent Arts Silver Metallic Acrylic Paint I used:

Sun Visor Hat with UV Lens

Other Cosplay Supplies I use like foam, contact cement, paints etc can be found here:

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Thanks to DSC for letting me use his Mandalorian Theme Guitar Cover