Mandalorian Cosplay Full Build + Suit Up Test

In today's video I show you how I built my Mandalorian Beskar Armor cosplay out of EVA from start to finish! I build it with my Pepakura Foam file templates. I also suit up and show you the mobility that the Mandalorian Cosplay has. It's really easy to move around it. I'm really happy how this costume turned out considering it's made out of eva foam.
I learned a lot and it I'm happy I got to make my first Star Wars related costume after so many years. I'm still thinking about what I'll build next but I'll share it with you all soon. Enjoy the video - Stealth

Mandalorian Beskar Full Armor Cosplay Pepakura File Templates:

Sargent Arts Silver Metallic Acrylic Paint I used:
Brown Coveralls -
Sun Visor Hat with UV Lens
Star Wars Related Belts -
Pre-wired LED's -
Gesso -
Masking Liquid -
Acrylic Paints -
Lip Balm Tubes -
Fingerless Gloves -
Yellow Gloves -
Floor wax -
Spray gun: