Sub-Zero Mask Tutorial - Mortal Kombat - FREE TEMPLATE

Hey everyone. It's Stealth and today I'm going to be making a Sub-Zero Foam Cosplay Mask from Mortal Kombat. I believe the design is from Mortal Kombat 9. It's an older look, but it was probably my favorite one that I thought was worth doing. I've included the Sub-Zero Foam Cosplay Mask Pepakura File Template FREE with this video. You can build it along with me.
You can download it here:

If you're new to Pepakura and Foam building, please follow this link and learn how to get started with Pepakura Designer and Foam Pepakura Files templates for building cosplay. Also remember to use the links to purchase any supplies to may need:

Materials Used to make the Sub-Zero Cosplay Mask:
Balaclava Face mask hood:
Laundry Bag for Nylon Mesh:
Tacky Glue for sealing:
Metallic blue Acrylic Paint:
Airbrush kit:

For Other Cosplay Supplies I use like foam, contact cement, paints etc can be found here:

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