WAR MACHINE Mark 1 Costume (Iron Man 2)

Presenting my War Machine Foam Cosplay Armor build complete,
It was made with EVA Foam and I used Pepakura files I converted to foam Pepakura File templates. All the blood, sweat and tears have been given to arrive at this moment. I hope you like all the special gimmicks I've added to the War Machine Cosplay.

War Machine Foam Pepakura File Templates: https://heroesworkshop.com/collections/full-cosplay-pepakura/products/war-machine-mark-1-armor-foam-cosplay-pepakura-file-templates

 If you're new to Pepakura and Foam building, please follow this link and learn how to get started with Pepakura Designer and Foam Pepakura Files templates for building cosplay. Also remember to use the links to purchase any supplies to may need: 

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