Buzz Lightyear Space Suit Armor FOAM Pepakura File Templates - "LIGHTYEAR" (2022)

With the new "LIGHTYEAR" film is fast approaching this month, I thought that it was a good idea to brush up on my mediocre modelling skills and model Buzz Lightyear's Space suit armor that's in the film. He wears a few suits but I'm more interested on a particular suit.  
I find the proportions the most appealing to me. It caught my eye and I wanted to make this armor once I saw it months ago. 

I needed a decent references to get the shapes right.
So I did the same thing I did for the "Doomslayer" Armor I modelled before.
I purchased one of the action figures on amazon and took some pictures and started modelling away at it.

It took a few hours before I was fully comfortable with Blender again but I was back in the groove and everything went smoothly and I was able model the entire thing ahead of schedule.  It helped a lot that the spacesuit parts are symmetrical on each side. The Doomslayer armor was a nightmare as almost every area of that suit was unique. It was as asymmetrical as can be. 
So this felt like a breeze at times.

Once I had the base models all completed, I moved onto the Pepakura Designer Software. That's where I converted the models into Foam pepakura templates. 
That a bit tedious at times. Luckily the shapes aren't too complicated. So it didn't take that long. 

I'm not a pro 3d modeler by any means but I'm happy how it turned out and I feel I did my best. I wanted to get it done in time for someone to hopefully do a speed cosplay build of the armor for the movie premiere. I hope someone ends up taking the challenge. If you do, please email me at let me know how it goes. 

My goal is to get the motivation to build this armor myself. 
I haven't built anything for my Youtube channel in a long while and it would be nice to build this as my first cosplay back after that time away. 
I wouldn't try to rush it and aim for the "LIGHTYEAR'" movie release but it would cool to have this cosplay to attend an upcoming con. 
Maybe I'll aim for Fan Expo Toronto 2022. That won't happen until the end of August. It's a lot of time for me to build it and not rush myself then feel burnt out.  Wish me luck everyone. - Stealth 

Buzz Lightyear Space Suit Armor FOAM Pepakura File Templates - "LIGHTYEAR" (2022)  Can be found here!: